Expanding ethical review processes for AI and data science research

Wednesday 26 April 2023, 12–1pm BST Watch the recording In…

The Digital Podcast: Mark Thompson – Digitalizing Government and Public Sector Organizations

Mark Thompson discusses the challenges and opportunities of transforming…
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Responsible animal phenomics: Visions for linking digital sensing and genomic data in UK livestock breeding

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Sarah Hartley & Hugh Williamson

Banishing the Sunday Night Blues

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Ilke Inceoglu (DIGIT Lab collaborator), Professor Leroy White & Dr Jonathan Bird

Digital Innovation: Smart Products & Sustainability – The Role of Digital twins

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen & Charlotte Markey (PhD Student & Green Urbanisation Innovation Manager, Polypipe)

A Business Model Innovation Tool to Understand Large Established Organisations’ Digital Transformation

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Tim Vorley, Dr Jeremy Zwiegelaar, Professor Roger Maull

Digital transformation in Law firms

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Dr Dimitris Batolas and Professor Leroy White 

Investigating the Data Reuse Problem

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Dr. Zena Wood and Dr Tausif Bordoloi (collaborator)

Digital platforms: A case study of NHS Jobs

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Mark Thompson and Alfie Porteous (Intern)