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Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Ilke Inceoglu (DIGIT Lab collaborator), Professor Leroy White, Dr Jonathan Bird and Dr. Dimitris Batolas

This research explores factors contributing to the Sunday Night Blues, its impact and what employees, line managers and organisations more widely can start doing to combat the anxiety that precedes a new working week.

The project’s preliminary findings and outputs:

  • A range of reasons why most people have experienced Sunday Night Blues, the main contributors to the Sunday Night Blues, and the consequences, including: the impact on work-life balance, relationships and sleep
  • How to reduce the Sunday Night Blues, including: promoting work-life balance, positive work relationships and perhaps most importantly…talking
  • A toolkit was developed for organisations with guidance for employees, line managers and HR Directors to help banish the Sunday Night Blues, drawing on evidence from literature and the project’s own research.

For more information, or for organisations wishing to collaborate with the researchers on this project to analyse these trends on a larger scale, or to robust check the toolkit please visit Banishing the Sunday night blues · Business School ( or contact Professor Ilke Inceoglu directly

This project is undertaken in collaboration with sponsors Channel 4 (Kirstin Furber, People Director) and Investors in People.

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