Accelerating digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation of large established organizations.

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Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Prof. Tim Vorley, Prof. Roger Maull, Dr. Jeremy Zwiegelaar, , Dr. Tzameret Rubin, Ms. Qinglan Liu and Mr. Mike  Fairbairn

The DIGIT Lab team has developed a bespoke business model innovation tool, aimed for Large Established Organisations (LEOs) to tackle their digital transformation journey.

The DIGIT-BM tool not only focuses on digitalization, but also embeds Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into the change of business models. In this context, the Tools helps the businesses to address their how to improve or diversify business models aligned with ESG values. 

The phases team work:

  • Design the DIGIT-BM (June 2023)
  • Host businesses and test the DIGIT-BM tool (April/May 2024)
  • Review the outcomes and then develop printed (October 2024) and provide an online version of DIGIT-BM (Feb. 2025)

We are currently at the stage of developing the set of questions to feed into the card deck. Qualitative case study research will be conducted once the tool has been developed to understand the comparative differences between the LEOs, with the focus on how to incorporate ESG strategies.

The analysis and follow-up of the case studies will lead to an analysed data set on the sustainable business model innovation opportunities in LEOs. The outputs that we propose are for a paper on a taxonomy of  business model innovation in LEOs, with a special emphasis on ESG compliance (November 2024) and a book which will be a guide to business model innovation in LEOs, integrating ESG principles (July 2025).

Further details can be found Call for Participation in DIGIT Lab. If you are interesting in participating, please complete this form.

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