Accelerating digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation of large established organizations.

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Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Dr Dimitris Batolas and Professor Leroy White 

Given the lack of research on digital transformation in the professional service industry, and specifically the legal sector, this project aims to answer the following overarching research question “How do law firms undergo digital transformation?” For this purpose, a series of semi-structured interviews will be conducted with C-level executives who lead the company’s digital transformation agenda.  Some of the topics this project seeks to explore are:

  • The level of digital maturity
  • The factors that may influence digital transformation
  • The challenges the firms have to overcome while navigating the digital transformation process
  • The influence of digital transformation on organizational and individual outcomes such as strategy, culture, job satisfaction and well-being.

The project is currently in the pilot phase. Research for publication is ongoing with the expectation to publish in The Leadership Quarterly. 

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