Accelerating digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation of large established organizations.

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics:Professor Mark Thompson and Alfie Porteous (Intern) 

Research Question: The research aims to explore how digital platforms can be used in public services to drive efficiency and increase cost savings. NHS Jobs is a case study of the successful implementation of digital platforms in government and serves as the pilot programme for this initiative. 

Progress: Writing up the NHS Jobs case study into a report that will be referenced in our future research. This report will detail how the use of Digital platforms was able to create a streamlined shared platform for recruitment in the NHS and save taxpayers £158 million per year. We will then draw up a ‘hit-list’ of areas of government that have the most to benefit from using digital platforms. 

Outcomes: Mark recently took part in the Digital Leaders Innovation Week and gave a talk titled: How Much Better, How Much Less? 2010-2022 A Retrospective on UK Government Digital. The recording can be found here.