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Strategic Thinking About Business Model Innovation for Large Organisations

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Prof. Tim Vorley, Prof. Roger Maull, Dr. Tzameret Rubin. Dr. Jeremy Zwiegelaar and Qinglan Liu This strategic, unbiased, research-based think tank aligning with the of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, is being delivered through Workshops and Interviews with Large Organisation leadership teams and their respective CIOs, CDOs, CISOs, CTOs, CSOs, […]

Towards a framework for using ML/AI to support high stakes decisions in established organisations

Lead DIGIT Lab Academic: Prof. Leroy White  This project delves into rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), and their impact on high stakes decision-making within large established organisations. While our literature review indicates that artificial agents excel at operational and tactical decisions, they face challenges in high-stakes or strategic choices involving new problem spaces and […]

Data-Driven Design – See.Sense Case Study

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen and Dr. Boyeun Lee To derive value from data and how to realize it remain a question. This project is developing and testing a data-driven innovation process, in partnership with See.Sense, an IOT (Internet of Things) company, with bike lights.  We have implemented a data-driven innovation process through […]

AI and data in Design: Advancing the design engineering processes for manufacturing sector

Lead DIGIT Lab academics: Prof. Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen and Dr. Ji Han Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and an increasing volume of valuable data available have led to an increase in digitalization of the manufacturing sector, yet the adoption of technologies is identified as one of the major barriers. To address this, we have developed […]

Radical transformation in Social Housing sector: Investigation of possibilities

Lead DIGIT Lab Academic: Prof. Mark Thompson Housing Associations (HAs) are not-for-profit ‘landlords with a social conscience’, and together with councils, they manage 17% of housing (4 million households) in the UK. Collectively, the UK’s 1,600 HAs handle around £20bn a year, but each operates independently from the others, developing its own policy and processes, […]

Examining trustless trust from privacy-enhancing technologies for inter-organisational data sharing

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Prof. Leroy White and Dr. Kat Burger (DIGIT Lab collaborator) There has been an argument suggesting that advanced digital technologies like blockchain are reducing the need for trust in what they do. However, recent scholarship has primarily focused on defining this in terms of the concept of ‘trustless trust’, resulting in […]

Resource Mobilisation for established firms undergoing digital transformation

Lead DIGIT Lab Academic: Prof. Leroy White  Resource mobilisation is a significant challenge for established firms seeking survival and competitive advantage, especially in the context of digital transformation.  Data has emerged as a vital resource, but its intangible nature adds complexity to the interactions between established firms and resource seekers. In particular it is unclear […]

Fairmiles 2.0

Lead DIGIT Lab Academic: Roger Maull. What is the impact of reducing air freight on developing countries? This initiative involves gathering data throughout the value chain for various fresh produce items, comparing carbon emissions for food originating from countries like Ghana, Benin, and South Africa with those from European nations. The analysis delves into the […]

A huge problem for society

with Prof Mark Thompson It’s this stark: our precious public services cannot possibly survive for much longer in their current form. Take social housing, for example. The sector is suffering from a ‘perfect storm’ of a major cost of living crisis, inflation in the cost of repairs, continuing fallout from the 2015–19 rent reductions, ageing property […]

Call for Participation in DIGIT Lab – Strategic Thinking About Business Model Innovation for Large Organisations

What is Digit Lab? Digit Lab is a £12 million research project led by The University of Exeter, which runs over 5 years. It aims to accelerate digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation of Large Established Organizations (LEO) in the UK. Within this project is a team of academics that aims to engage with Large Organisations to examine […]