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DIGIT Lab’s Professor Mark Thompson recently chaired the 6th Public Sector AI Conference, hosted by Digital Leaders on the 19th of March 2024. Writing in the Chair’s Blog for Digital Leader’s website, Professor Thompson offers his insight into the proceedings of the event:

This year’s Public Sector Innovation Conference came at the end of yet another week, another lifetime in the story of AI, from a rampant, overzealously woke Google Gemini to Elon Musk suing Open AI for, well, acting his own previous advice and becoming more profit-driven (apparently he offered to withdraw his suit if it changed its name to ‘Closed AI’).  Accordingly, it felt right to dedicate our whole day to discussing the impact of AI on the public sector, across three topics: AI in innovation, Ethics and AI, and AI for Good and Bad. I think this year felt like one of the most dynamic, engaged conferences we’ve had, with most of the audience making some sort of contribution during the day.”

🔗 Read the full blog here: 6th Public Sector Innovation Conference Chair’s Blog

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