Accelerating digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation of large established organizations.

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen and Dr. Boyeun Lee

To derive value from data and how to realize it remain a question. This project is developing and testing a data-driven innovation process, in partnership with See.Sense, an IOT (Internet of Things) company, with bike lights. 

We have implemented a data-driven innovation process through a series of workshops. The first utilised our data-driven design framework, showing what is possible with data, to facilitate the generation of ideas, several of these were new to the company.  DIGIT Lab is in the process of planning the second co-creative workshop, which will involve external stakeholders and experts, to further develop detailed product and service ideas. A new data-driven canvas and tools to facilitate the use of data, and how to create value across and with stakeholders will be the outcome.  

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