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19 October 2023


Call for Participation in DIGIT Lab – Strategic Thinking About Business Model Innovation for Large Organisations

What is Digit Lab? Digit Lab is a £12 million research project led by The University of Exeter, which runs over 5 years. It aims to accelerate digital innovation for growth, impact, and transformation of Large Established Organizations (LEO) in the UK. Within this project is a team of academics that aims to engage with Large Organisations to examine the effectiveness of their business model, and inform the digital transformation processes, and ultimately refine their existing and potential new business models. With anemphasis on integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, this project sets its goal in helping Large Organizations to seize the opportunities in sustainable development.

What do we propose?

A strategic, unbiased, research-based think tank to design your digital transformation, and your current and future business models with an emphasis on ESG compliance.

How will it be delivered?

We plan to engage with you in two different modes:

  • Workshops with Large Organisation leadership teams.
  • Interviews.

How can you benefit from it?

For workshop participants we offer a 3-hour face-to-face interactive session, to work with you to identify the motivation for an existing or a new business model, whether it is creating a value proposition; increasing trust of work with all stakeholders; aligning with local/global standards for sustainable development; or reducing risk by identifying the desirable business model vs. the feasible and viable one. This workshop will be based on our experience and unbiased academic knowledge of Large Organisations. The workshop will provide you with:

  • A think tank to better understand your own organisation in the context of ESG.
  • Tools to analyse your own digital transformation readiness.

For interview participation we offer to share with you our findings through friendly and easy-to-read reports, which will allow you to better understand your needs and potential path for innovation through digital transformation.

How much will it cost you?

Nothing. This project is fully-funded by a UK Research Council and UKRI, therefore it will only cost you your participation time, which we greatly appreciate – hence, will we commit that this engagement will provide value for you.

Why now and why us?

Why now – because there never seems to be time for strategic thinking about innovation, yet all organisations should strive to constantly assess the need for change. In the digital and sustainable transformation era, we’ll guide you through questions such as: how can using your resources (human, data, networks) change your business models? How can digital technologies change the relationship with your customers – new or existing? And can those redefine your business models and generate higher ESG impact? These are a sample of the questions we have designed as a set of thought-provoking cards to help you think about digital transformation.

Why us – we are a group of established academics, led by the UK’s leading experts in the field  –  Prof. Tim Vorley OBE and Prof. Roger Maull, who will provide unbiased and clear-thinking analysis of your organisation’s challenges and opportunities for change through digital transformation.

What type of roles within your organisation are we looking for?

CISO, CIO, CDO, Directors and Deputy Directors of Operations, CTO, VP/Product Directors, Risk Management Leads, Tech Architects, Sustianbility Leads, Corporate Responsibility Leads, and Digital Leads.

If you are interested in participating, either yourself or someone else within your organisation, please fill in this form.

Supported by

  • EPSRC Digital Security & Resilience (DS&R) Theme