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Towards a framework for using ML/AI to support high stakes decisions in established organisations

Lead DIGIT Lab Academic: Prof. Leroy White 

This project delves into rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), and their impact on high stakes decision-making within large established organisations. While our literature review indicates that artificial agents excel at operational and tactical decisions, they face challenges in high-stakes or strategic choices involving new problem spaces and unknown solutions. The application of AI in organisational high-stakes decisions may broaden solution possibilities but raises concerns about human-AI interaction and learning limitations. Our proposed model aids organisations in judiciously deploying AI in decision-making, introducing a technology-conscious perspective alongside the traditional human-centric view. Rooted in Pickering’s Mangle of Practice, our model encompasses autonomous AI usage, resistance, and negotiation processes, providing guidance to senior management in navigating the dynamic landscape of  decision-making amid organisational uncertainty.

Supported by

  • EPSRC Digital Security & Resilience (DS&R) Theme