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Resource Mobilisation for established firms undergoing digital transformation

Lead DIGIT Lab Academic: Prof. Leroy White 

Resource mobilisation is a significant challenge for established firms seeking survival and competitive advantage, especially in the context of digital transformation.  Data has emerged as a vital resource, but its intangible nature adds complexity to the interactions between established firms and resource seekers. In particular it is unclear how data is mobilised from an opportunity to a resource creating value.  This project aims to address the gaps in understanding resource mobilisation by integrating perspectives on information, dependence, and orientation asymmetry using a social exchange perspective.  The study focuses on the regulated animal healthcare industry, where a large established organisation acts as the resource holder embarking on a decision to set up a platform to intermediate the mobilisation of data to universities, and start-ups as resource seekers.  The project finds that the context is rich in all three types of asymmetries and characterized by high uncertainty surrounding data as a resource.  Actors engage in direct social exchanges to address information asymmetries and generalised exchanges through the platform to deal with dependence and orientation asymmetries.  The study contributes to theory by providing insights into the complex dynamics of resource mobilisation in the context of digital transformation and proposes practical implications for managing multiple asymmetries and mobilising data effectively for firms in regulated environments.

Supported by

  • EPSRC Digital Security & Resilience (DS&R) Theme