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Lead DIGIT Lab academics: Prof. Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen and Dr. Ji Han

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and an increasing volume of valuable data available have led to an increase in digitalization of the manufacturing sector, yet the adoption of technologies is identified as one of the major barriers. To address this, we have developed a collaborative initiative between researchers from DIGIT Lab and our partner Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) aiming at advancing the design engineering process for the manufacturing sector. Together with AMRC and its 160+ industry partners, we will co-define a data-driven framework and co-explore the role of AI in design engineering and the requirements of AI tools for manufacturing. A toolkit encompassing the data-driven design framework and requirements for AI tools will be developed tailoring for the manufacturing sector. This collaborative project will ensure the research is grounded and informed by the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, translating academic research to industry.

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