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The DCEng Summit is the latest event from the Alan Turing Institute (@turinginst) on Data Science and AI. It promises to be a very useful set of discussions on the impact of data science and AI in engineering reliable systems.

Watch this video to find out more about the Alan Turing Institute:

This event running from the 22nd to the 23rd of September 2021, will provide a global dialogue on the intersection of data science and engineering. The Alan Turing Institute’s first-ever data-centric engineering summit will bring together world-class thinking on how data science tools and methods can improve the reliability, resilience, safety, efficiency and usability of engineered systems.

In addition to featuring topical case studies illustrating the application of data-centric methods, the summit will cover the adoption of new standards and current developments in ethics, policy and regulation. By combining meaningful, multi-disciplinary dialogue with insight from industry, the summit strives to grow the global conversation and community around data-centric engineering and promote the successful translation of research and innovation into real-world applications.

This is the only dedicated global event connecting the global data-centric engineering community for dialogue, idea and benchmarking. There will be over 25 sessions of exclusive insight for academics, engineers and industry on the emerging field of data-centric engineering. Attend to meet like-minded individuals and engage in one-to-one meetings and networking to share ideas and make new connections.

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