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Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen in debate at DESIGN 2024 Conference with LIVESTREAM

Debate Teams:

  • Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen (University of Exeter, United Kingdom) and Martin Steinert (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
  • Jonathan Cagan (Carnegie Mellon University, United States of America) and Valeria Pannunzio (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Prof Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen, director of DIGITLab led the debate at the recent DESIGN conference, on Products are Dead, Systems Forever, chaired by Prof John Clarkson University of Cambridge, opposed by Prof Jon Cagan (Carnegie Mellon). The debate was live streamed, and attended by around 400 delegates.  It is available here, and discusses digital and circular economy, together with an industrial case from DIGITLab. To watch the debate and discover who won, view the live stream above.


  • The topic will be proposed and then opposed (approximately 8 minutes each).
  • Supporting statements, seconding the two viewpoints, will then be given (4 minutes each).
  • The floor (the audience) will then be invited to question the proposers and opposers.
  • A single final statement will be made.
  • A vote will then be taken to determine which side has “won” the debate.

Originally posted: DESIGN 2024 Conference website

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