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In a groundbreaking move, the UKRI-funded Digital Twinning Network Plus (DTNet+) project has been launched, heralding a new era in digital twin technology innovation. Gathering a multidisciplinary community for its first general assembly, DTNet+ aims to harness the power of digital twins across diverse sectors. This initiative promises to be a catalyst for collaboration, offering a roadmap for upcoming events, funding opportunities, and pioneering innovation sandpits.

DTNet+’s ambitious goal is to transform decision-making, system optimization, and sector-wide innovation through the development and application of digital twin technologies. By encouraging an interdisciplinary exchange, the project is set to explore digital twins’ vast potential, aiming to enhance our interaction with both physical and digital realms. This collaborative venture underscores a significant commitment to advancing digital twin technology, promising to deliver impactful advancements in understanding and manipulating complex systems. For more information, visit DTNet+ 

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