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Earlier this year, a new 5 year strategy was released by Digital Jersey, the government backed economic development agency responsible for defining Jersey’s digital future. Developed with the support of the DIGIT Lab, this strategy addresses the needs of 4 dimensions: Government, Infrastructure, Industry, and Skills.

As part of this engagement, DIGIT Lab has played an important role in helping evolve Jersey’s digital strategy to ensure it meets the needs of their different stakeholders. A key aspect of this work has been to define and deliver a two-day workshop with attendees drawn from private and public sector companies, as well as education and government.

Through a combination of inspiring  industry speakers and working sessions, the workshop generated a great deal of discussion and debate that will now be used to refine the strategies being developed.

This workshop featured in Jersey Evening Post

The Digital Jersey 5-year strategy outlines the ambitions, focus areas, and key milestones for the next phase of digital transformation taking place across Jersey. While broad in scope, it highlights the role and impact of digital transformation in 4 key areas: Infrastructure, Industry, Government, and People. Within each of these themes the strategy considers the current context and lays out a vision for how Jersey can succeed in moving forward over the next few years.

The strategy document was released in Spring 2021. Over the Summer, many people have had the opportunity to read this strategy and contribute their views. Now, an intense 2-day workshop was convened in a further effort to explore the key aspects of the Digital Jersey strategy and engage with a wide audience to share their perspectives on Jersey’s digital future.

The workshops held on 29/30 September 2021 brought together a key set of stakeholders from the 4 key areas identified in the strategy with the aim of reviewing the core initiatives underway, sharing different perspectives on future digital opportunities for Jersey, and beginning the task of elaborating the steps required across Jersey’s diverse community to accelerate digital transformation in all its forms. These sessions were chaired by Alan Brown, Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter, and Dave Birch, a well-known author and advisor in digital finance.


The work of the DIGIT Lab team was widely appreciated by the audience.

“I found Alan and his DIGIT Lab’s colleagues wider perspectives on digital transformation both thought-provoking and valuable, as did the mixed public and private sector audience.” Dave Birch, well known author and independent advisor on digital payments and FinTech

“The support from DIGIT Lab and the University of Exeter was a critical component of the success of this workshop. By providing the backing and support of the DIGIT Lab team we are ensuring that these workshops deliver more meaningful insights that drive real impact in Jersey’s digital transformation journey over the next 5 years”. Tony Moretta, CEO at Digital Jersey