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The DIGIT Lab Director, Alan Brown, was a guest speaker at a Golden Marzipan Breakfast Briefing event. This virtual event, titled ‘The 5 great shifts driving digital transformation’, was held on the 18th of February and discussed ‘The 5 Great Shifts…’ Acceleration, Disruption, Resignation, Dispersion and Reset.

Alan Brown has provided a discussion of these 5 Great Shifts in a recent blog post: Digital Economy Dispatch #071

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The Event Summary and Alan Brown’s presentation slides are available below, and provide further insight into addressing these 5 great shifts.

Event Summary

The unprecedented events of the past two years have increased the pressure on organisations to accelerate the delivery of their digital strategies. Effective use of digital technologies has been a cornerstone of maintaining business continuity, gaining insight into performance, and building flexibility in service delivery.

Most organisations have found ways to expand their digital footprint to maintain operations and move to a digital-first. In this review, Alan will argue that your focus will be dictated to by five major shifts. Future business success will be defined by how you address these shifts to survive in the near term and thrive long term.

Presentation Slides

DIGITLab – 5 Great Shifts Slides – Feb 18

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