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Prof Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen participates in a Panel on Digital Manufacturing together with Prof Tim Minshall, Dr Leitizia Mortara, and Prof Jill Macbryde IFM University of Cambridge, hosted by the ESCR Interact network.

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Image here courtesy of Drawnalism Ltd

Image description: This image is a colourful and dynamic graphic recording by Drawnalism Ltd from a University of Cambridge panel discussion. The visual features a central theme of “Definitions as a Barrier” surrounded by related concepts like “Manufacturing & Unpacking It,” “Skills & Reskilling,” and “The Re-use & Recycle Economy.” Cartoon-like drawings of five panellists with their names and key points of their discussions are present. These include Dr. Eoin O’Sullivan, Prof Tim Minshall, Prof Jillian MacBryde, Prof Sareema Ahmed-Kristensen, and Prof Letizia Mortara. Various ideas are interconnected with arrows and dialogue bubbles, indicating the flow of discussion on topics such as technology perception, on-site virtual visits, disruptive transformative change, and the social role of industry. Key phrases such as “the great leap forwards,” “digital gap,” “hybrid,” “on-site sustainability,” and “really understanding the audience” are highlighted throughout, suggesting a focus on innovation and the impact of manufacturing and engineering in society.

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