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Inspired by the wide variety of interactions with the centre’s team over the past year, DIGIT Lab Director Alan Brown, Professor of Digital Economy at the University of Exeter Business School, has just released a collection of articles in a new book called “Digital Economy Dispatches: Critical reflections on how to succeed with digital transformation in turbulent times”.


Based on the weekly “Digital Economy Dispatches” that he has been writing over the past 2 years, the book is a collection of short commentaries on the changing digital world, the impacts of digital disruption, and the opportunities and challenges we face moving forward. They are easily accessible articles that take 5-10 minutes each to read but inspire deep conversation and thought. They highlight critical issues that can be used as the basis for personal investigations, or to kick start discussions across teams about how to succeed with digital transformation.

This book is released for free download under a Creative Commons license. As such, it is free to use, share, and rework. It is already being used by companies and educators to drive investigations into key digital economy themes.

The Digital Economy Dispatches book is available now for free download at: Digital Economy Dispatches Book.

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