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Agri-TechE  DIGIT Lab have launched a collaborative survey that, aims to gain insights into your attitudes and approaches toward digital transformation.

The survey is designed to be concise, taking only between 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Once completed, we intend to share the outputs of our survey in a joint article in a future Agri-TechE Newsletter and at the forthcoming REAP 2024 conference in November.

Participation in the research is entirely voluntary. Should you decide to participate, you may withdraw from the study at any time. Please note that reminder emails will not be sent. All responses will be kept strictly confidential, with only the research team having access to the data. Analysis will not commence until all personal and institutional identifying information is removed from the data file.

Rest assured that your responses will not be disclosed to your employer or any third parties. The data will be securely held. This project has undergone an Ethics Review process at the University of Exeter and has been granted acceptable for conduct.

To consent to participate in the survey, please follow this link:

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to enter your email address into a voluntary prize draw, with a chance to win one free ticket to the 2024 REAP Conference – worth £250.

Our team consists of approximately 15 experienced staff members led by the University of Exeter, in collaboration with the University of East Anglia, Oxford Brookes University, and Royal Holloway. For more information about our program, please visit our webpage at .

For further inquiries about DIGITLab, please contact: Professor Gerard Parr –

With DIGIT-Lab Support Team: Gerard Parr, Professor in the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia. Leroy White, Professor in the University of Exeter Business School at the University of Exeter Dr. Gokcen Yilmaz (Lecturer, University of Exeter) Dr. Yusuf Tukur (Senior Research Associate, University of East Anglia), and Dr. Dimitris Batolas (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University

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