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The Digital Podcast: Mark Thompson – Digitalizing Government and Public Sector Organizations

Mark Thompson discusses the challenges and opportunities of transforming government and public sector organizations with digital technology.  The Digital Podcast explores how different organizations transform the way they create and capture value with digital technology. The podcast is technology- and sector-agnostic and examines both incumbents’ and new startups’ innovative uses of digital technologies. The Digital […]

Responsible animal phenomics: Visions for linking digital sensing and genomic data in UK livestock breeding

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Sarah Hartley & Hugh Williamson We are looking at how digital sensing technologies are being implemented in animal breeding, and the societal and ethical implications of this digital transformation in agriculture. Digital sensing technologies are increasingly used for farm animal management and veterinary purposes, offering new understanding of animals’ behaviour […]

Banishing the Sunday Night Blues

Lead DIGIT Lab Academics: Professor Ilke Inceoglu (DIGIT Lab collaborator), Professor Leroy White & Dr Jonathan Bird This research explores factors contributing to the Sunday Night Blues, its impact and what employees, line managers and organisations more widely can start doing to combat the anxiety that precedes a new working week. The project’s preliminary findings […]